Cleaning up dirty Kia ECT

KIA notes that hard/impossible engine starts may occur due to dirty throttle bodies on the Theta 2.0/2.4L engines, storing throttle-valve-stuck-closed DTCs P2110, P2118 or P2119.

Although the ECU may compensate for changes in air flow with fuel trim adaptive logic adjustments, DTCs may illuminate over time. Symptoms can occur from carbon deposits and/or fuel additives accumulated over time in the throttle body. Any deposits need to be cleaned off following the instructions in this TSB.

1. Remove the breather hose (A) and the air intake hose (B) to gain access to the ETC (electronic throttle control) assembly.

Breather hose A and air intake hose B must be removed.
<p>Breather hose A and air intake hose B must be removed.</p>

2. Disconnect the ETC connector (C). CAUTION: Keep fingers and hands away from the throttle body unless the connector is disconnected.

Disconnect the ECT connector (C).
<p>Disconnect the ECT connector (C).</p>

3. Remove the four ETC mounting bolts as indicated and remove the ETC from the intake manifold. It is not necessary to disconnect the coolant hose from the ETC completely for this repair.

Note the four ECT mounting bolts.
<p>Note the four ECT mounting bolts.</p>

4. Spray throttle plate cleaner (KIA recommends their P/N 35100 2G200) onto the throttle valve and bore areas and wipe off the carbon deposits with a rag or shop towel. Use caution while trying to open the throttle plate and avoid making any scratches to the throttle valve and bore areas during cleaning.

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