Suzuki is not playing it cool

Concerning 2007 and later Suzuki models: if the A/C does not cool, when diagnosing the problem you may determine that the compressor clutch does not engage when power is applied.

The cause is an open circuit in the electromagnet. If the electric clutch circuit is found to be open internally at the clutch assembly, replace only the clutch assembly. The clutch is available separately from the compressor. It is not necessary to remove refrigerant from the system to perform this repair.

Clutch P/N….95211-80JA0

Clip kit P/N…95212-58JA0

NOTE: Do not replace the compressor when there is a clutch failure, unless the compressor was damaged as a result of the clutch failure.

NOTE: The clip kit includes extra shims. These are only necessary if shims are required for gap adjustment or if the C-clip is broken.


1. Securely place the vehicle on a lift and raise the vehicle enough to access the right front undercover. Remove the undercover (you may also wish to remove the right front wheel assembly).

Access is via the right front wheel well area.
<p>Access is via the right front wheel well area.</p>

2. Release the tension from the serpentine belt and slide the belt off of the compressor pulley.

Remove the serpentine belt from the compressor pulley.
<p>Remove the serpentine belt from the compressor pulley.</p>

3. Disconnect the electrical connector to the clutch magnet and remove the four compressor mounting bolts.

Electrical connector and two mounting bolts shown here.
<p>Electrical connector and two mounting bolts shown here.</p>

4. At the right wheel well, move the compressor to an angle suitable to remove the front armature plate bolt. Rock the plate and pull to remove. Do not lose the shims. A ratchet wrench and three-point spanner may be used.

5. With the compressor in a suitable position, remove the circlip with a 45 degree angle circlip tool.

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