1996 and earlier Corvette driveshafts are available from Dynotech

Dynotech Engineering Services now offers custom driveshafts for 1996 and earlier model year Chevrolet Corvettes. Dynotech's Corvette driveshaft is a steel, aluminum or chrome moly replacement shaft for the OEM production driveshaft.

The driveshafts have a slip yoke and U-joint. The company says they are hand-assembled, computer-welded and high-speed balanced at a minimum of 5,000 rpm. The custom driveshafts ship free within 2-3 business days within the contiguous U.S.

"Our Corvette custom driveshafts feature the industry's most sophisticated engineering with a vibration-free guarantee," said Steve Raymond, general manager, Dynotech Engineering Services. "By replacing the Corvette's factory driveshaft with our high-speed balanced design, we can offer Corvette owners an overall improved vehicle performance."

The custom Dynotech Corvette driveshaft comes in three construction designs: drawnover mandrel (DOM) steel, 6061-T6 aluminum or chrome moly. The DOM steel model is offered in 2.0-4.0-inch diameter, 0.065-0.95-inch wall thickness and is stronger than stock, making it perfect for high performance street and racing applications.

Dynotech's 6061-T6 aluminum Corvette driveshaft is available in 3.0-4.0-inch diameter and 0.125-inch wall thickness. Ideally suited for street performance, racing use, the aluminum model weighs 8 lbs. less than stock. The chrome moly model is offered in 3.0-3.5-inch diameter, 0.083-inch wall thickness and is slightly heavier than stock, but will handle the cars making over 900 HP, making it ideal for high performance and racing applications, notes Dynotech.

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