Automatic transmission fluid for Mazdas from Beck/Arnley

Beck/Arnley’s now offers premium OE automatic transmission fluid for Mazda vehicles requiring type M5 ATF. The fluid consists of a formulation of high-performance base oils and additives.

The transmission fluid includes the mix of friction materials for the specific pressure settings present in Mazda automatic transmissions, to help promote optimum shift quality.

“Beck/Arnley’s premium OE automatic transmission fluid for Mazda type M5 vehicles is chemically balanced to help protect seals and “O” rings, and to provide corrosion, rust and wear protection, in addition to resistance to oxidation to prolong fluid life,” said Tom Fritsche, director of product management. “This special high viscosity index fluid helps to promote smooth shifting in extreme temperatures.”

Beck/Arnley says to use OE automatic transmission fluid type M5 on all Mazda transmissions where type M3 and type M5 automatic transmission fluid is specified.

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