OTC Ez-TAP offers wireless diagnostics, advanced telematics

SPX Service Solutions introduces the OTC Ez-TAP Heavy-Duty Wireless Diagnostic System. The company says it is designed to provide a cost-effective, wireless solution that simplifies preventative maintenance, heavy-duty diagnostics and advanced telematics all in the same VCI.

The OTC Ez-based VCI communicates with the vehicle and transfers vehicle information to a PC for efficient diagnostics of the vehicle's state of health. All of the Ez-based products are powered by OTC's AirBridge 2 Wireless Technology.

"OTC is the first aftermarket manufacturer to engineer a heavy-duty vehicle communication interface that has the ability to perform both wireless diagnostics and advanced localized telematics in one easy-to-use tool,” says Chuck Kinkade, product manager of Equipment and Heavy-Duty Tools, SPX Service Solutions. “The new system will serve to help fleet owners and technicians enhance productivity and increase their bottom line, all while promoting safety and operational efficiency on the road."

The Ez-TAP requires no subscriptions and no recurring monthly fees. For more information visit

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