New Bosch fluid exchange series

Robert Bosch LLC has introduced a new series of fluid exchange products. The series consists of the Bosch Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger, the Engine Coolant Exchanger, the Brake Fluid Exchanger, the Power Steering Fluid Exchanger and the Differential Fluid Exchanger.

“People are keeping their vehicles longer than ever, ” said Tim Stumpff, product manager for the Bosch Diagnostics Business Unit. “Maintaining proper automotive fluid condition, and replacing it when needed, is still an important preventive maintenance service that helps customers extend the life of their vehicle. The proper equipment can make fluid exchange a routine operation for the shop.”

Bosch says the new fluid exchange equipment, constructed of steel, will improve a shop’s ability to efficiently exchange any of a vehicle’s fluids when appropriate. This in turn will keep customer vehicles operating properly, and improve the shop’s bottom line through increased shop productivity.

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