Mitsu misfire DTCs due to low fuel level

The misfire DTCs listed below can be set due to fuel aeration caused by low fuel level. This possible cause has been added to the diagnosis procedures for these DTCs.

This applies to all 1995 and later Mitsubishi powertrain modules with on-board diagnostics capable of setting the following misfire DTCs.


P0300 Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected

P0301 Cylinder 1 misfire detected

P0302 Cylinder 2 misfire detected

P0303 Cylinder 3 misfire detected

P0304 Cylinder 4 misfire detected

P0305 Cylinder 5 misfire detected

P0306 Cylinder 6 misfire detected

Check whether users have experienced the lack of fuel or not. If so, ensure that the fuel level is not low, erase the DTC and re-evaluate for misfire condition.

The most likely cause(s) for the above DTCs are:

* Ignition system-related parts failure

* Poor crankshaft position sensor

* Incorrect air/fuel ratio

* Low compression pressure

* Skipping of timing belt teeth

* EGR system and EGR valve failed

* PCM failed

Using scan tool MB991958, check data list item Crankshaft Position Sensor. Caution: To prevent scan tool damage, always turn the ignition switch to the LOCK (OFF) position before connecting or disconnecting the scan tool.

1. Connect the scan tool to the data link connector.

2. Start the engine and run at idle.

3. Set scan tool MB991958 to the data reading mode for item 2, Crankshaft Position Sensor. The tachometer and engine speed indicated on the scan tool should match.

4. Turn the ignition switch to the LOCK (OFF) position. Verify operation of the crankshaft position sensor (this should be DTC P0335 if faulty).

The Mitsubishi scan tool MB991958, MB991824 VCI, MB991910 Main Harness A and MB991827 USB cable.
<p>The Mitsubishi scan tool MB991958, MB991824 VCI, MB991910 Main Harness A and MB991827 USB cable.</p>

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