New Permatex PermaPoxy comes in a self-mixing syringe

Permatex introduces PermaPoxy General Purpose Epoxy in a self-mixing syringe that eliminates the need for separate mixing of components.

Permatex says the product makes application easier and more accurate. Permapoxy eliminates messy product handling, minimizes waste, and helps get the job done quicker.

The PermaPoxy syringe comes with a special mixing head that blends the proper amount of resin and hardener as it is being dispensed. It also allows the customer to apply it directly where it is needed. No additional handling or clean-up is required.

Permatex, PermaPoxy General Purpose 5-Minute Epoxy can be used to bond ceramics, glass, metal, chrome, hard plastic, and rubber. Typical applications include sealing cracks in castings, filling holes, automotive trim parts, ornaments, knobs, cracked taillights, damaged grilles, mount components, body moldings, tamper proofing, hub cap trim, damaged spoilers, repair tanks, and interior trim.

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