Bendix kicks off 'Brakes for Teen Safety'

To help educate motorists of all ages on safe winter driving and proper vehicle maintenance, Honeywell Friction Materials has kicked off phase two of its “Bendix Brakes for Teen Safety” campaign.

Last October, two videos marked the launch of the campaign – the first took a light-hearted look at how little teens really know about car care basics; and, the second included car care tips every driver should know. Using clever stand-up comedy and familiar faces from the first two videos, the latest video shines the spotlight on winter driving tips – reminding drivers that poorly maintained vehicles can be even more hazardous when coupled with inclement weather conditions, the company reports

A survey commissioned by Honeywell Friction Materials – maker of Bendix Brakes – found that 36% of teens drive 250 miles or more per month, and they usually aren’t driving alone – nearly two-thirds of teen drivers are transporting others. This is why continuous education on safe driving and proper vehicle maintenance is important to keep everyone safe on the road. The online survey was conducted in August by Harris Interactive among 500 parents of teen drivers age 15 to 19 who have their own car.

Visit Bendix Brakes for Teen Safety on Facebook or YouTube for more information.

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