MAHLE Clevite adds 60 part numbers

MAHLE Clevite Inc. recently introduced more than 60 new part numbers for various types of bearings, cylinder components, filters, gaskets, piston rings and turbochargers. The part numbers are available for a range of light vehicle and heavy-duty applications.

New part numbers are available for the following products:

Air filters, oil filters, oil filter and pan gaskets, engine camshaft bearing sets, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft main bearing and thrust washer sets, engine pistons and piston pin bushings, catalytic converter gaskets, engine coolant outlet and thermostat gaskets, engine valve cover gasket and valve stem seal sets, exhaust manifold gasket sets, pipe flange gasket sets and seal rings, as well as engine conversion, cylinder head and intake manifold gasket sets.

“In January, we introduced a total of 61 new part numbers for various light vehicle and heavy-duty applications,” says David Garmenn, product development manager. “The addition of these new part numbers shows our continued commitment to meeting the needs of our customers with a well-rounded product offering throughout the new year.”

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