Complete Nitrogen Plastic Welding System

Urethane Supply Co.'s Nitrogen Plastic Welding System (6056) combines the Airless Plastic Welder (5600HT), a Hot Air Welder (6053), and a Nitrogen Control Box (6053N2) on one convenient welding cart.

The company says the complete package contains virtually everything a shop needs to produce the highest quality plastic welds including a variety of welding rods and ribbon. The technician can simply plug in the unit, connect a nitrogen tank and shop air, and begin working.

Nitrogen acts as a shield to prevent the melted plastic from burning and creates stronger, more permanent welds. Using Urethane Supply Co.'s ribbon repair rods, a technician can repair mounting holes, slots, tabs and grill bars. The system also works on headlight tabs, washer bottles, inner fender liners, splash shields and virtually any vehicle plastic.

"The wheeled cart lets a technician bring the welder to the part, rather than bring the part to the welder," says Urethane Supply Co. President Kurt Lammon. "And having all the tools and supplies conveniently stored on one cart makes it a real time and money saver."

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