New Bosch automated Refrigerant Handling Systems

Robert Bosch LLC says its new ACS 620 and ACS 625 Digital A/C Refrigerant Handling Systems are fully automated, accurate and user friendly.

They are fully compliant with the J2788 standard and feature a swivel control turret housing with an LCD display and easy-to read gauges. The new R134a refrigerant recovery/recycle/recharge systems are equipped with a large 6 CFM vacuum pump, an easy-access refrigerant filter for quick maintenance and patented manifold assembly that increases machine uptime.

Both models are compatible with TechALERT, a patented wireless technician paging system designed to increase shop productivity by providing operating status updates to the technician. When equipped with this option, the TechALERT sends a wireless signal to a synced remote receiver that the technician carries.

Both the ACS 620 and ACS 625 units offer: SAE J2788 certification; 6 CFM, dual stage vacuum pumps; revolving turrets that allow 180-degree visibility of gauges; and easy-access refrigerant filter changes through the removable side pocket.

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