High flow performance air cleaners for classic cars

Available with 14-inch x 3-inch, 14-inch x 4-inch and 14-inch x 5-inch element and recessed base, the ExtraFlow Air Cleaners were engineered to fit most popular 5-1/8-inch carb and TBI flanges, and allow air to enter from the top as well as through the filter for improved filtration and air flow.

This not only makes the ExtraFlow set-up beneficial in stock engine bays, but also ideally suited for use with cowl hoods for increased air-flow. With four different colors to choose from, the Speed By Spectre ExtraFlow Air Cleaner offers performance and cosmetic improvements for muscle car owners.

Every Speed by Spectre filter, the only filter proven at over 400MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats, comes pre-oiled and is washable and reusable. All Spectre filters come with a lifetime warranty. See for details.

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