Pneumatic impact wrench line from ToolWEB

ToolWEB says the combination of these two materials provides the user with a lighter-weight tool that will endure harsh use for many years of service. The tools feature a bright blue housing, simple multi speed/direction control, ergonomic trigger design, lightweight and durable, and rugged twin hammer impact mechanism.

The tools include the MTN7215 - 3/8-inch Composite Impact Wrench with high power drive and maximum torque of 245 ft.-lbs. in forward and 280 ft.-lbs. in reverse.

The MTN7235 - ½-inch Composite Impact Wrench has a maximum Torque of 780 ft.-lbs. in forward and 950 ft.-lbs. in reverse.

The MTN7245 - ¾-inch Composite Impact Wrench has a maximum torque of 1,150 ft.-lbs. in forward and 1,200 ft.-lbs. in reverse.

Visit to see the entire Mountain line of tools and equipment.

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