Cardone adds to window lift regulator line

Cardone has added 95 SKUs of their Cardone Select brand window lift regulators (some with motors) in 2012, with more on the way soon, the company says.

A few of the popular new applications include:

82-15016AR Honda Accord F/R 2003-2007 (pictured)

82-15017AR Honda Accord F/L 2003-2007

82-1358CR Nissan trucks F/R 2005-2010

82-1359CR Nissan trucks F/L 2005-2010

82-3017AR Ford/Mercury trucks F/L 2001-2007

82-3018AR Ford/Mercury trucks F/R 2001-2007

82-3427C Mercedes E-Class F/R 2003-2010

82-3428C Mercedes E-Class F/L 2003-2010

82-610B Dodge Dakota F/R 1997-2004

82-611B Dodge Dakota F/L 1997-2004

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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