A Bosch first: QR codes offer instant product information

Robert Bosch LLC has introduced new packaging for its line of oxygen sensors that includes QR (Quick Response) codes that can be scanned with a smart phone for immediate product information.

Bosch says QR codes are becoming increasingly popular on consumer-oriented products, as smart phone technology with simple, free apps, can scan these codes and instantly allow the user to access a website with helpful and interesting information relating to the product.

The QR code on the new Bosch oxygen sensor packaging can be scanned with any smart phone equipped with the appropriate app, and the user will instantly be able to view the Bosch mobile site for oxygen sensors. This site includes details on all types of Bosch oxygen sensors, including helpful hints for diagnosing and replacing them.

In addition, the user, whether a counter person, professional technician, or do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), will be able to view a new, informative instructional video that will answer the most common questions relating to oxygen sensor operation, diagnosis, and replacement.

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