Subaru hot seat

If you encounter a customer complaint that the Subaru seat heater is inoperative, the seat heater element may require replacement. The layout of the seat heater element has been changed and was moved slightly toward the outer circumference of the seat cushion to prevent the element from breaking.

The new style seat heater element was incorporated into production starting with the following VINs:

- Forester B*770070

- Impreza Sedan B*522455

- Imprezza wagon B*830450

On Forester models, the length of the guide wire was also changed. If you replace the old style seat heater element with the new style element, the new style guide wire will also need to be installed.

On Impreza models, the length of the guide wire has not been changed. The old style guide wire may be used with the new style heater element.

The new style (left) features a wider element pattern.
<p>The new style (left) features a wider element pattern.</p>

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