Clicking Nissan

A clicking noise has been reported coming from the rear axles during take-off/acceleration on 2004-2011 Nissan Armada vehicles built before Aug. 14, 2010.

- Remove both rear axle hubs. Refer to the RAX section of the service manual.

- Clean all dirt and foreign material from both axle shaft-to-bearing mating surfaces.

- Apply a minimum of 1.0g of Molykote M77 grease (P/N 44003-7S000CM) to the axle hub bearing surfaces, in an even coating, where the bearing surface contacts the rear axle.

- Re-install the rear axle hubs, using new bolts (P/N and using a new torque specification of 152 – 160 ft.-lb. for the rear axle nuts.

- Test drive to confirm the incident is resolved.

Bolt (rear hub)……….P/N 43083-7S010…………quantity 8

Bolt (rear innder axle flange)….P/N 38102-80X00…..quantity 12

Molykote M77 grease……….P/N 44003-7S---CM

Note the application area for the M77 grease. Apply an even coating.
<p>Note the application area for the M77 grease. Apply an even coating.</p>

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