Bad Kia transaxle temp sensor

DTC P0711, P0712 and P0713 can be set due to a faulty PCM, an open circuit or a bad transaxle oil temperature sensor.

When either of these codes is set, the default value for the transaxle oil temperature sensor is 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Prior to replacing the temperature sensor, perform a component and wire harness inspection as shown in the KGIS DTC diagnostics. Only proceed with sensor replacement after confirming proper connections, circuits and PCM simulation checks.

Affected models include 2011 Sorento, Sedona, Sportage, Optima (excluding HEV), and Forte; and 2012 Rio and Soul.

  1. Connect the GDS to the vehicle. Turn the ignition on with engine off. Navigate to the A/T menu and check for DTCs. Record any DTC and freeze frame data is available. Delete the DTC.
  2. From the GDS, select Data Analysis and Oil Temperature Sensor. Drive the vehicle and monitor the oil temperature sensor. Record observations on the RO.
  3. Check the wiring harness between the TCM and transaxle visually for a damaged wire or connector.


P0711 Rationality Replace the temperature sensor

P0712 Circuit low Replace the temperature sensor

P0713 Circuit high Replace the temperature sensor

  1. Record the customer’s audio presets. Disconnect the battery, Remove the lower splash shield.
  2. Drain the ATF. Replace the transaxle drain plug gasket (P/N 21513 11000) upon installation. Tighten the drain plug to 25.3 – 32.6 ft.-lbs. upon plug installation.
  3. Disconnect the breather tube from the valve body cover. Remove the hose clamp and disconnect the breather tube from the nipple. NOTE: Use caution to avoid damaging the nipple. A damaged nipple will require valve body cover replacement.
  4. Remove the valve body cover. Detailed removal/installation steps vary depending on model. The valve body cover can be removed from all models without removing the transaxle from the vehicle.

NOTE: Do not discard the rubber gasket. Re-use rubber gaskets on plastic valve body covers. Metal covers use liquid sealant (UM010 CH046 or equivalent). Apply liquid gasket at application points at the valve body cover with a 2.5mm bead.

  1. Locate the transaxle oil temperature sensor.
  2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to disconnect the wire harness from the sensor. Use caution to avoid damage to the wire harness. Wire harness damage will require replacement and transaxle removal to replace the ribbon cable.
  3. Remove the transaxle temperature sensor after removing its mounting bolt. Replace with a new sensor and re-connect the harness to the sensor. Tighten the sensor mounting bolt to 7.2 – 8.7 ft-lbs.
  4. Install components in the reverse order of removal. Connect the battery cable and re-program audio presets. Refill the transaxle using five quarts of genuine Kia ATF. Perform a fluid level check with the fluid operating temperature of 122 – 140 degrees F.
    Transaxle oil temperature sensor.
    <p>Transaxle oil temperature sensor.</p>

Use care when disconnecting the breather hose, as damage to the plastic nipple will require replacement of the valve body cover.
<p>Use care when disconnecting the breather hose, as damage to the plastic nipple will require replacement of the valve body cover.</p>

Location of the transaxle oil temperature sensor (circled in red).
<p>Location of the transaxle oil temperature sensor (circled in red).</p>

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