SCORCHER Tuner for Ford diesel trucks

Advanced FLOW engineering announces the release of the new SCORCHER Tuner for the 2011-2012 Ford Diesel Trucks V8-6.7L (td), P/N 77-43004.

The new SCORCHER utilizes a fully integrated tuning system that is matched to aFe Power performance intakes, exhausts and manifolds. These tuners are designed to provide maximum performance over the entire RPM range.

Producing up to 157 HP and 180 ft.-lbs. torque, the SCORCHER Tuner amplifies fuel delivery and injection timing for increased horsepower and torque. The speedometer calibration resets for large tire and gear changes.

This unit maximizes control of turbo boost and variable vane control, optimizes shift times and patterns for better placement of available power and will read and clear check engine lights/codes, the company notes.

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