Bosch Flasher Pro Bundle has three levels of reprogramming

To satisfy the growing demand for electronic control unit (ECU) reprogramming, Robert Bosch LLC has developed the Flasher Pro Bundle, which offers shops three levels of comprehensive reprogramming capability.

These reprogramming packages, in a good/better/best series, cover different end user needs while addressing key reprogramming aspects, including protecting the vehicle’s ECU while being reprogrammed.

“Driveability problems used to be caused by spark plugs, wires, timing or fuel delivery problems, but today they can easily stem from the ECU/PCM, says Ravi Subramanyan, senior product manager for Bosch Diagnostics Business Unit.

“When ECU and PCM calibration deficiencies cause driveability issues, ECU service has moved from a luxury to a shop necessity – J2534 reprogramming capability is a must-have for today’s shop.”

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