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 A cheap furnace filter prevents unwanted back-splash during oil drains.
<p> A cheap furnace filter prevents unwanted back-splash during oil drains.</p>


Just a quick tip here to keep the shop floor cleaner. We put cheap furnace filters in our drain dollys. This prevents splashing when draining oil.

We just tear off the cardboard borders and put them in the pans. This really works and keep us cleaner, too.

Naturally, you need to dispose of these filters properly.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Jeff Wilman, ASE CMAT L1

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Sheboygen, Wis.


Improperly installed rear caliper bracket bolts on some 2002-2012 Nissan Altimas may cause the rotor to groove and fail. This will cause the bolt to make contact with the inside of the rotor surface, creating a groove just above the center of the rotor and will cause extreme overheating, with the potential for rotor hat separation.

On this application, take note on how the caliper bracket bolts are removed. One bolt (bottom) features a washer and one bolt (top) does not feature a washer. The top bolt without the washer uses the ABS sensor bracket as its washer. If the bolts are installed incorrectly, the bolt without the washer will contact the rotor. If this occurs, replace the rotor and pads and inspect calipers and brake fluid, due to the overheating issue.

Courtesy Raybestos/Brake Parts Inc.


Whenever installing new brake pads or shoes, a break-in (burnishing) procedure should be performed.

After confirming that the brake system features a good pedal (by stroking the pedal to move the wheel cylinders and caliper pistons back out to their normal position), perform the following burnish procedures during the test drive.

The 30/30/30 Burnish Procedure

• Perform 30 stops, from 30 mph, with a 30-second cooling interval between stops. These stops will be performed at a decelerating rate of 12 feet-per-second or less. This means that it should be a gentle, easy stop.

• The 30/30/30 burnish procedure beds the pads into the rotors and shoes to drums. The bedding procedure also deposits the necessary friction transfer to the rotors and drums for optimum braking performance.

• Following this procedure also assures that your customer will have excellent braking performance from the first time that he/she drives the vehicle after brake service has been performed.

• Perform the bedding procedure before the customer takes delivery of the vehicle. You should never depend on the customer to handle this task.

Courtesy Bendix/Honeywell Intl. Inc.

Jeff Wilman’s homemade back probe.
<p>Jeff Wilman’s homemade back probe.</p>


To remove wheels that are stuck to brake drums, instead of using hammers or pullers that can damage alloy or steel wheels, just loosen the lug nuts and drive the vehicle in your parking lot, hitting a few bumps.

This will usually break them loose.

Willie Smith

Smitty’s Body & Glass Shop

Parsons, Tenn.

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