Versatile Coolant/Auto Body Leak Detection Dye

Tracer Products has introduced TP-3900 Dye-Lite Coolant/Auto Body Dye for technicians who service trucks, trailers and auto bodies. TP-3900 fluorescent dye quickly finds leaks in radiators, hoses, water pumps and fittings, notes Tracer.

Just add 1 oz. of the dye to a cooling system and allow it to circulate. Wherever the coolant leaks out, so does the dye, which remains at the site of every leak. When the system is scanned with a Tracerline ultraviolet or blue light inspection lamp, the dye glows a bright green showing the exact location of all leaks.

In addition to locating coolant leaks, TP-3900 is ideal for pinpointing wind and water leaks. Simply mix the dye in proper dilution with water and spray suspect leak sites outside the vehicle using the TracerJet spray gun. Then check the inside of the vehicle for leakthrough with a Tracerline inspection lamp.

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