Hybrid engine block combines GM Gen III, Chevy Gen I

World Products says its revised Motown LS “hybrid” block provides engine builders the opportunity to combine high-flowing, efficient cylinder head and intake systems for General Motors “Gen III” LS-series applications with the superior bottom-end and lower component costs of the venerable “Gen I” small block Chevy.

Designed to accommodate OEM and aftermarket LS-Series cylinder heads, World’s Motown LS block provides a “best of both worlds” combination, eliminating the drawbacks of the Y-block design used in the LS. The Motown LS blocks also have priority main oiling and expanded water jackets for better cooling.

Standard small block Chevy motor mounts and bellhousing pattern are utilized, making this an easy bolt-in path to serious power.

The new Motown LS block uses standard SBC crank, rods, oil pump, pan, water pump and ignition. When adapting LS heads, a purpose-designed camshaft and pistons must be employed.

The block features a raised cam location and 55mm bearings to accommodate a wide range of racing and street profiles, and the .842-inch lifter bores can accept vertical link bar style LS hydraulic roller lifters.

Other benefits include use of SBC cam-driven oil pumps (or dry sumps) instead of cavitation-prone crank-driven LS pumps, superior windage control, and use of popular ignition systems in lieu of expensive coil pack setups.

World Products is now part of the PBM/Erson family, which has earned a reputation for quality manufacturing. All blocks are rigorously tested to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

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