Lube is a no-no on Lexus

Lexus warns that accelerator pedals on 2001-2013 vehicles do not require lubrication. DO NOT apply oil or other lubrication to the accelerator pedal assembly. If applied, the accelerator pedal assembly must be replaced.

This TSB applies to models CT200H, ES300, ES300H, ES330, ES350, GS300, GS350, GS430, GS450H, GS460, GX460, GX470, HS250H, IS F, IS250, IS250C, IS350, IS350C, LFA, LS430, LS460, LS600H, LX470, LX570, RX330, RX350, RX400H, RX450H and SC430.

According to Lexus, don’t lube the accelerator pedal assembly.
<p>According to Lexus, don’t lube the accelerator pedal assembly.</p>

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