Increase compression in high-mileage engines

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal (P/N 4447) from Bar’s Products combats the low power, poor fuel economy, oil consumption and blue exhaust smoke symptoms of decreased compression in high-mileage engines.

The product works by fixing gaps and scratches in cylinder walls and freeing stuck rings. The new Compression Repair with Ring Seal works with any gasoline or diesel engine and comes in a one-size-fits-all 16.9-ox. bottle.

The product contains a concentrated, proprietary blend of polymers that coats the cylinder wall and restores lost compression. You’ll gain back lost power and notice a difference either immediately or within a few days of driving.”

Blow-by is the air-fuel mixture that leaks past pistons through untreated grooves, gaps and scratches in an engine’s cylinders. The product also eliminates blow-by while reducing friction, helping to extend an engine’s life. The product features Viscosity Improver, which allows it to effectively fill gaps and restore piston ring seals even under the most severe conditions.

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