Bosch Workshop Oil Filters for U.S., Canada

Robert Bosch LLC now offers a complete line of Bosch Workshop Oil Filters to the traditional automotive repair market in the United States and Canada. It targets automotive repair shops, technicians, jobbers and warehouse distributors (WDs).

“By utilizing the familiar red and yellow packaging that Bosch has traditionally used for this segment, this dedicated line of spin-on oil filters and cartridge oil filters carries the message of Bosch quality and reliability,” says Chuck Kerrigan, director, regional business unit, North America, for Filtration Americas, a division of Robert Bosch LLC.

Ninety-seven Bosch Workshop Oil Filters provide 98% coverage for domestic, Asian and European vehicles in operation (VIO) in North America. At an efficiency rate of 97.5% in removing dirt and a capacity to hold 13 grams of dirt, these filters help a car’s engine oil perform at its best for thousands of miles, notes Kerrigan.

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