Snap-on A/C catalog includes hybrid-capable A/C machine

The new Snap-on Tools A/C Equipment and Tools catalog features the new Hybrid Capable A/C Recovery/Recycle/Recharge machine (EEAC325BH) which helps service technicians properly and safely service both hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles. The Snap-on A/C Catalog offers special, limited-time pricing on many products in the catalog.

“More and more of our customers are seeing hybrid vehicles coming into their shops, so we developed a new hybrid-capable A/C recovery/recycle/recharge machine,” says Dan Batassa, category manager for Snap-on.

“What makes this unit valuable to shop owners is that it can also be used on non-hybrid vehicles. In addition to the EEAC325BH, the Snap-on A/C catalog features a wide variety of A/C tools and equipment any shop would need to increase productivity and profitability this season.”

The catalog also includes three models of A/C recyclers as well as a wide assortment of accessories, gauges, leak detection tools and kits. Service technicians can increase the shop’s performance with vacuum pumps, UV lights, A/C hose crimper sets and digital and infrared thermometers as well as flaring tool sets.

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