Chevy overheat

Owners of 2011-2012 Chevy Cruze and 2012 Chevy Sonic vehicles equipped with engine RPO LUW may complain about engine overheating, generator warning light on and engine compartment noise. These conditions may be caused by a damaged accessory drive belt.

Replace the accessory drive belt. Inspect the pulleys for proper alignment and remove any debris from the pulley surface areas. When installing the new belt, note that the belt is not as wide as the pulley. The belt needs to be installed on the REAR grooves to ensure proper alignment. Failure to do so will result in early belt wear.

Incorrect belt placement. This belt is placed too far forward.
<p>Incorrect belt placement. This belt is placed too far forward.</p>

Correct belt placement at the rear grooves.
<p>Correct belt placement at the rear grooves.</p>

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