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Some owners of Kia Soul models produced from 1-8-2009 to 9-13-2009 equipped with manual transmissions may complain about difficulty in getting into first gear when coming to a stop. To repair this concern, replace the transaxle gear shift lower skirt (complete shifter assembly replacement is not necessary).

  1. Apply the parking brake and unscrew the shift knob by turning counter-clockwise.
  2. Remove the spring and damper (use caution to avoid getting grease on the upholstery).
  3. Remove the shifter boot by pulling to the side and releasing the retainer clips.
  4. While holding the upper skirt, pull to separate the lower skirt from the upper skirt assembly. Note that the reverse lock-out faces down.
  5. While holding the upper skirt, push the new lower skirt into position, fully engaging to the upper skirt.
  6. Install with the reverse lock-out on the left side. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the replacement part that rides on the steel shaft.
  7. Snap the boot back into place.
  8. Install the spring and damper, and install the shift knob, making sure that orientation is correct (direction of shift pattern).

The replacement lower skirt is available under P/N 43713 2K100QQK.

Note the location of the lower skirt.
<p>Note the location of the lower skirt.</p>

Shown is the correct assembly of the lower skirt (black unit) to the upper skirt.
<p>Shown is the correct assembly of the lower skirt (black unit) to the upper skirt.</p>

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