Hennessy introduces laser-guided weight placement tool

Hennessy Industries Inc. has introduced a patented laser-guided weight placement tool for its Coats balancers.

The new tool works with any Coats 40mm Direct Drive Wheel Balancer and uses a red laser line to show users exactly where to place clip-on wheel weights. The accuracy of the upgraded tool increases one-spin balances and reduces residual static imbalance.

The company says the laser-guided weight placement tool is easy to install. It requires no calibration before use; neither will it require any future maintenance.

“The Coats laser-guided weight placement tool will save shops valuable time during rotation and cut down on customer complaints about vibration,” says Kevin Keefe, Hennessy Industries’ vice president of marketing. “Adding this tool to your Coats Direct Drive Wheel Balancer will give your shop more accuracy than any other product on the market.”

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