Penray Plus Tire Fix features Leak Detective

Penray Companies Inc. says its new Penray Plus Tire Fix Plus emergency tire inflator uses exclusive and proprietary technology to provide motorists with greater value than has been previously available in a tire sealant and inflation product.

In addition to providing emergency leak repair and tire inflation, Penray’s Tire Fix Plus system features the exclusive Leak Detective, a feature designed to leave an easily-identified fluorescent mark at the location where it has sealed a leak. The non-flammable nature of both the sealant and the inflation gas used in Penray’s Tire Fix Plus make it safe for use.

Penray Plus Tire Fix Plus is a convenient product that provides a safe and effective temporary repair for many types of flat tires. It is easily applied through the tire’s valve stem. The foaming sealant finds and seals the point of leakage and inflates the tire to a safe operating pressure, all in one simple operation.

Penray says Tire Fix Plus will work on virtually any type of pneumatic tires, including those used on cars, trucks, SUVs, boat trailers and ATV tires, and it is fully compatible with all TPMS sensors.

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