Tracerline debuts tamper-evident A/C sleeves

Tracer Products has introduced the Tracerline TP-30 Tamper-Evident Sleeves, designed to prevent refrigerant cross-contamination in automotive A/C systems and recovery equipment.

For the vehicle owner, the sleeves ensure that the A/C system hasn’t been contaminated with a foreign refrigerant, which can affect system performance and longevity. For the technician, the sleeves protect his reputation, while guarding against unqualified repairs and costly comebacks.

Tamper-evident sleeves are easy to install. Simply slip one sleeve onto each service port, then heat shrink the sleeves with a hot air gun. The sleeves seal tightly against the service ports. To complete the installation, techs apply the label provided and record the unique serial number found on the sleeve.

The tamper-evident sleeves come in a convenient storage bag complete with 10 sleeves with serial numbers, matching labels and heat-activated tape.

For more information, see the company’s website at

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