SOLAR 3001 12-volt commercial jump starter with air

Clore Automotive’s Model No. 3001 is a 12-volt commercial jump starter with an onboard air compressor, from SOLAR.

Clore says the multi-purpose unit provides endless jumps and the convenient delivery of air for auto lots, auction houses, fleet operations, implement dealerships and other starting environments with high vehicle counts and difficult starting situations.

Model No. 3001 utilizes a user-installed Group 31 Battery to deliver its jump starting power and incorporates 5-foot retractable jumper cables, enabling easy access to the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

It features an enhanced, automatic charging system that enables easy charging and maintenance of the installed battery when not in use. The charging system can be optimized to properly charge both flooded or AGM battery types. Model 3001 adds the delivery of shop air with a heavy-duty onboard air compressor with auto shut-off at an adjustable, preset PSI.

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