Brake light glitch fix

Some 2010-2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid vehicles (as well as Fusion and Milan) built on or before 8-29-2011 may exhibit a concern of the red brake lamp illuminating. This concern may be accompanied by DTC C1015:64, with no change in brake pedal feel.

  1. Remove the engine appearance cover.
  2. Clamp off the motor electronics cooling system (MECS) coolant expansion tank outlet hose with pinch-off pliers.
  3. Remove the two MECS coolant expansion tank fasteners and remove the tank. Refer to workshop manual Section 307-02B.
  4. Remove the two brake fluid remote reservoir fasteners and disconnect the brake fluid level switch connector, then position the reservoir aside.
  5. Disconnect the inner electronic continuously variable transaxle (eCVT) low voltage electrical connector C1458B.
  6. Disconnect the vacuum supply hose from the booster.
  7. Disconnect the canister purge (CANP) and manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors electrical connectors.
  8. Disconnect the vacuum supply tube from the electric vacuum pump (EVP) and the intake manifold.
  9. Carefully raise the vacuum tee/check valve assembly until it is approximately at the same level as the radiator support.
  10. Remove the vacuum tee/check valve assembly from the brake booster hose.
  11. Remove the brake booster hose from the new service vacuum tee/check valve assembly and discard the hose.
  12. To assemble, reverse the removal procedure.


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