Ford trans goes back to school

Some 2009-2011 Ford E-Series vehicles equipped with the 4.6 or 5.4L engine may exhibit an illuminated MIL with DTC P0130 (oxygen sensor circuit Bank 1, Sensor 1) and P0150 (oxygen sensor circuit Bank 2, Sensor 1).

  1. Retrieve all DTCs in the powertrain control module (PCM). If DTCs P0130 and P0150 are present, proceed to Step 2. If not, discontinue with this TSB and follow normal powertrain control/emissions diagnostics.
  2. Reprogram the PCM to the latest calibration using IDS release 73.02 and higher. This new calibration is not included in the VCM 2011.5 DVD. Calibration files may also be obtained at www.motorcraft.com.

Advise the customer that the vehicle is equipped with an adaptive transmission shift strategy which allows the vehicle’s computer to learn the transmission’s unique parameters and improve shift quality. When the adaptive strategy is reset, the computer will begin a re-learning process. This process may result in firmer-than-normal upshifts and downshifts for several days.

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