100 feet of cord with Larson Explosion Proof LED Aluminum Drop Light

Larson Electronics LLC has released a new Explosion Proof LED Aluminum Drop Light, the EPL-FL1524-LED-120X12-C1D2-100. The light is equipped with a 15 watt LED bulb that runs off of 120 volts with an inline step down transformer to 12 volts.

Larson Electronics says the EPL-FL1524-LED-120X12-C1D2-100 is suitable for exposure to vapors and dusts and is ideal for use in paint spray booth inspections or as a general portable lighting solution for confined spaces like fuel tanks. This two-foot-long, 15-watt, explosion proof LED work light comes complete with 100 feet of explosion proof cord for convenience of navigating around the work space.

This hazardous area location light features a rugged, non-sparking aluminum casing and unique rod cage, says Larson, that produces a cool, glare-free, shadowless light that improves safety in hazardous locations and maximizes lighting efficiency with built-in metal reflectors.

“Our New Explosion Proof LED Drop Light gives operators the ability to step down 120/277 to 12 VDC via the inline C1D2 transformer to provide low voltage where required,” said Rob Bresnahan with “This handheld lamp is well suited to close work and inspection activities where good contrast and true color representation is needed.”

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