Bimmer diesel DEF

This TSB applies to 2011 BMW E90 vehicles equipped with the M57Y diesel engine. The Service Engine Soon lamp may be illuminated, with code FC 4D35 (reducing agent metering valve plausibility) stored in the DDE 7.3.

The metering (dosing) valve is clogged or partially clogged with crystallized diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Using an ISID, activate the metering valve using the test plan “B1365_D7USNAB-Activation and calibration of SCR system M57TUTOP2 US diesel.” Select (2) Activate SCR components, then select (4) SCR metering valve in the exhaust system.

  1. Does the SCR metering valve audibly click?

- If yes, remove the valve and flush out the inlet and outlet sides of the valve with water and reinstall the valve.

- If no sound is heard, proceed to Step 2.

  1. Remove the metering valve and flush out the inlet and outlet sides of the valve with water.

- Activate step (4) again in the ISID. Does the valve now click?

- If yes, reinstall the valve.

- If the valve still does not click, replace the metering valve.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While performing the above steps, check the mounting flange opening for the SCR metering valve on the exhaust front pipe for a “plug” of crystallized DEF. Clean out if necessary.

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