Knipex Tools now offers Alligator XL water pump pliers

Knipex Tools LP says the addition of the Alligator XL (P/N 88 01 400) to its Alligator water pump pliers family offers the performance and comfort of water pump pliers, while being lighter in weight and having a greater gripping capacity than comparable pipe wrenches.

The 16-inch Alligator XL features a forged box-joint design for high stability, providing a true top and bottom grip that makes for quick and comfortable use. The Alligator XL self-locks on pipes and nuts, providing for no slipping off the work piece and requiring low hand force.

The Alligator XL has a thin head and joint area to reach tight, hard-to-reach places. Gripping surfaces, designed to grip all shapes of work pieces, with special, hardened teeth of approximately 61 Rockwell hardness, contribute to the gripping ability of the Alligator XL pliers and minimize wear on both the pliers and the work piece, notes Knipex.

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