GM valvetrain

Some owners of certain GM vehicles may notice an SES light with no drivability issues. The technician may find that DTC P2097 or P2099 is set.

If normal diagnostics does not lead to a resolution for these codes, you should look for a mechanical valvetrain concern. The most common issues may be a slightly bent or sticking valve, or a lifter follower out of place off the camshaft. This may or may not cause a misfire.

This TSB applies to 2010-2012 Buick LaCrosse, 2004-2012 Cadillac CTS/SRX, 2005-2011 Cadillac STS, 2010-2012 Chevy Camaro, 2009-2012 Chevy Traverse, 2009-2012 GMC Acadia and 2009-2010 Saturn, all equipped with the HFV6 engine.

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