More chrome-clad wheel problems

Some 2007-2008 Ford Explorer, Explorer Sport Trac and Mercury Mountaineer vehicles built prior to 8-17-2007 and 2007 Edge vehicles built prior to 8-24-2007 and equipped with 18-inch wheels may exhibit a noise from front or rear wheels while turning the steering wheel at speeds lower than 10 mph. The noise may be coming from the chrome cladding that attaches to the rims.

  1. Verify that the noise is coming from the wheel(s).
  2. Replace wheel(s) with updated service parts for 18-inch chrome (bright) clad cast aluminum wheel and satin clad cast aluminum wheel(s).

Lubricate the remaining wheels at the outboard wheel flange, between the cladding and the wheel interface. Use Motorcraft silicone spray lubricant with an extension nozzle. According to Ford, new wheels will not require lubrication.

Apply silicone spray lubricant between the cladding and wheel flange.
<p>Apply silicone spray lubricant between the cladding and wheel flange.</p>

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