Berkebile Oil Introduces Protection First Class solvent-free penetrating lubricant

Berkebile Oil Co., a U.S. manufacturer of high-quality, professional-grade automotive and industrial chemicals, has introduced its new Protection First Class (PFC) penetrating lubricant and rust inhibitor.

In formulating PFC, the company says it chose to use 99% pure cosmetic-grade lanolin as one of the product’s key ingredients.

Traditional penetrating lubricants use solvents to lower the viscosity of the oils they contain, enabling them to flow more easily or to be dispensed as a spray, notes Berkebile. The solvents make the lubricants runny, and in practical application, more than 80% of the applied substances are lost to runoff.

Additionally, solvents break down some of the essential properties of the oils they mix with and, after quickly evaporating, leave a dry, varnish-like residue that can collect dirt and may actually increase surface friction (and thus impede mechanical action).

Protection First Class is solvent free, but is formulated to spray easily and to stick to surfaces. As Protection First Class is being applied, its high viscosity allows almost 100% of the product to stick to the targeted application area.

Protection First Class comes in a variety of container sizes designed to fit virtually any need, including a 15-ounce aerosol spray can (product number B-PFC-A), a one-gallon jug (product number B-PFC-1), a five-gallon bucket (product number B-PFC-5) and a 55-gallon drum (product number B-PFC-55). PFC will begin shipping immediately, and will be available through Berkebile’s exclusive distribution network.

The company also reaches markets through Internet-based retailers serving a broad audience. To learn more about Protection First Class, or to become a distributor, please call (800) 732-9235.

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