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Investing in the proper lift can increase shop productivity

Productivity can be measured as the difference between having a great year, or a marginal year. If your shop has the most efficient lifts, you will get more repair jobs out the door faster in the same work day, thereby increasing your shop’s revenue.

Since two post side-by-side lifts are the most popular lift type among ASP readers, we’re going to limit this article to two post lifts only.

The proper lift for your shop will increase productivity and profitability for you business
<p>The proper lift for your shop will increase productivity and profitability for you business</p>

In general, safely and properly positioning the four swing arms is a five to seven minute operation. After positioning the vehicle, the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and all lift manufacturers suggest the car be slightly raised, then jounced on the front & rear bumpers to assure the vehicle is securely positioned on the swing arms.

Then we’re told to raise the lift to operating height and then lower the lift onto the mechanical load-holding devices (the locks). Even grandpa told you never use a jack without a jack-stand, and a lift is no different as it should be lowered onto the locks. But, let’s consider speeding up this process.

Some two post lifts offer pads instead of swing arms. You drive the car into the bay, position the car over the pads and hit the up button. There are no swing arms to place, thus saving you time. Pad lifts are often seen at mass merchandisers since the techs in these shops are frequently changing oil and doing tire service.

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