Blackburn's Hubcap & Wheel Solutions launches Wheel Finder 3.0

Blackburn's updated website now allows a search for center caps along with wheels and hubcaps.
<p>Blackburn's&nbsp;updated website now allows a search for center caps along with wheels and hubcaps.</p>

Blackburn’s Hubcap & Wheel Solutions has launched its Wheel Finder 3.0 website. In addition to OEM Wheels this new version allows for the search of OEM Hubcaps and Center Caps. The site has incorporated the latest technology for quick and easy navigation for an enhanced user experience.

Lead by Blackburn’s Director of Inside Sales & Internet Marketing, George Popovich, the new site was programmed with responsive design technology, and is usable on a desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, or smart phone.

Visitors to the site will find full product information for Blackburn’s
OEM alloy and steel wheels and now, late-model hubcaps and center caps. Visit:

According to Todd Deranek, Director of Sales & Marketing at Blackburns, “We’ve enhanced in response to our customers’ demands to include hubcaps and center caps on the site!” The site is also faster, sleeker, and easier-to-navigate. This top notch e-commerce site experience makes unprecedented in the OEM wheel industry.

About Blackburn’s Hubcap and Wheel Solutions: Founded in 1983, Blackburn’s continues to be the largest privately held OE wheel, steel & alloy, wheel cover and center cap distributor in the US. The company’s deeply rooted leadership and financial resources, coupled with an unmatched inventory and supported by knowledgeable customer service; continue to propel this aggressively growing company forward every year.

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