Raining on Saab parade

Some owners of 2005-2008 Saab 9-7X vehicles may comment on an intermittent MIL/SES light illuminated with a message center or an indicator that displays “Reduced Engine Power.” DTC P2138 (accelerator pedal position sensor 1-2 correlation) may be set.

The voltage difference between APP sensor 1 and APP sensor 2 exceeds a predetermined value for more than two seconds. Refer to DTC P2138 in the service manual for further diagnostics.

On some vehicles, the IP to body harness connector, which carries the APP signal to the ECM/PCM, is located in the left kick panel area. If the kick panel is not sealed properly, water may enter and cause a short in the APP circuits, setting the P2138 code. Inspect for a water leak and repair as necessary.

NOTE: The same condition may apply to 2005-2008 GM passenger cars and light trucks, 2005-2008 Hummer H2 and 2006-2008 Hummer H3 vehicle.

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