Oil leak causes slimy Honda

If you discover an external oil leak at the radiused section of the cylinder head cover on a Honda engine, it may be the result of excess paint overspray in the sealing groove. According to Honda, this includes all 2006-2009 Accords, some 2010 Accords, 2006-2009 Civic Si, some 2010 Civic Si, some 2010 CR-V, some 2010 Element and all 2006-2009 Element models.

The fix is simple enough. Remove the cylinder head cover and sand away the paint overspray inside the sealing groove. Re-seal with liquid gasket P/N 08717-0004. Honda suggests using a 1 ½-inch strip of 120-grit sandpaper, wrapped around a putty spreader tool to remove the paint from the cover’s sealing groove.

Example of a potential leak area.
<p>Example of a potential leak area.</p>

Use a 1 ½-inch strip of 120-grit paper, wrapped around a spreader tool.
<p>Use a 1 &frac12;-inch strip of 120-grit paper, wrapped around a spreader tool.</p>

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