Mazda: I can’t breathe

This bulletin applies to 2007-2011 Mazda CX-7 4WD and CX-9 4WD vehicles produced before July 1, 2011. Some vehicles may exhibit oil seepage from the rear differential oil seal. When driving in cold weather conditions, snow or water may splash over the rear differential and choke the breather. The internal pressure of the rear differential increases, which wears the oil seal.

The height of the breather has been increased and the boot has been attached over the breather to protect it from splashing snow or water.

1. Verify the concern.

2. Replace the oil seals (both sides) according to workshop manual section 03-14.

3. Remove the breather from the differential.

4. Replace the breather on the differential, then attach the rubber boot over the breather. Face the ventilation hole of the boot backwards (facing the rear).

The replacement parts are available as follows:

Breather……...P/N B39M-26-060

Rubber boot....P/N B39M-27-763

Oil seal……....P/N M0A7-27-238A

Replace the breather and add the rubber boot. Face the boot’s vent hole to the rear.
<p>Replace the breather and add the rubber boot. Face the boot&rsquo;s vent hole to the rear.</p>

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