Nissan security no-start

This TSB applies to 2005-2008 Nissan vehicles with an engine no-start, with NATS/Immobilizer system, with NATS DTC P1610.

1. Using GR-8, check battery voltage and state of charge. A battery may check OK under a no-load test. However, once cranking occurs, the battery voltage can drop, resulting in a no-start.

2. Clear NATS DTC and confirm that the no-start has been resolved. If the no-start condition is not resolved with battery service, or if other MNTS DTCs such as P1611, P1612, P1613, P1614, P1615, B2191, B2192, B2193 or B2590 are found, refer to ASIST/Service Manual for further diagnostic information as needed.

3. NOTE: If the security indicator light is off during or after engine cranking, the issue is not related to NATS. Do not replace NATS components.

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