Cold rear seat

This bulletin applies to 2006 Ram truck Mega Cab models that experience a lack of air flow from the rear seat heat duct. The rear seat actuator rod may become disconnected from the actuator lever, causing the rear seat heater door to become inoperative.

Insect the rear seat actuator rod. The actuator can be viewed from the passenger side foot well.

1. Using procedures outlined in the service information on TechCONNECT, lower the steering column and instrument panel to gain access to the heater A/C assembly. It is not necessary to remove the instrument panel.

2. Remove the mode (defrost) actuator.

3. Remove the white plastic rear seat heat duct lever from the mode actuator and discard it.

4. Install a new lever, P/N 05189140AA, onto the actuator.

5. Install the mode actuator onto the heater A/C assembly.

6. Install the instrument panel and steering column.

Replace the rear seat heat duct actuator lever (1).
<p>Replace the rear seat heat duct actuator lever (1).</p>

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