Permatex expands line of epoxy sticks

Permatex has introduced three epoxy sticks designed for bonding metal, plastic or wet surfaces.
<p>Permatex has introduced&nbsp;three epoxy sticks designed for bonding metal, plastic or wet surfaces.</p>

lllinois Tool Works Inc.’s Permatex division has introduced three application-specific epoxy sticks. The new epoxy sticks are Permatex Plastic Bond, Permatex Water Bond, and Permatex Steel Weld.

Descriptions of the products and their applications follow.

Permatex Steel Weld is a steel-reinforced, industrial strength epoxy adhesive that is NSF certified as safe to use with repair areas that come in contact with drinking water. It bonds most metals to steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, bronze, and brass. Permatex Steel Weld sets in just five minutes and cures in one hour. The formula is temperature resistant to 300 ˚F and provides excellent moisture resistance, according to the company.

Permatex Plastic Bond is specially formulated to bond with most plastics including PVC, ABS, CPVC, fiberglass, and vinyl, as well as many other hard and semi-flexible plastics. It is NSF certified for repairs that come in contact with drinking water. Permatex Plastic Bond cures in just three hours. It is heat-resistant, non-flammable, and contains no VOCs.

Permatex Water Bond delivers an industrial strength epoxy that can be applied to wet areas and cures underwater. It is designed to bond to most materials including fiberglass, PVC and most plastics, aluminum, steel, iron, copper, concrete, ceramics, and wood. Permatex Water Bond’s formula is NSF certified for use with repairs that come in contact with drinking water. The formula sets in five minutes and cures in just one hour.

The company says the two-part, hand kneaded, putty-type industrial strength epoxies come in a convenient stick form that makes it very easy to measure and mix the correct amount and apply to the damaged area.

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